Frequently Asked Questions

Common Problems

My sentry is running at but whenever I visit it I get redirected to
You likely have not correctly configured SENTRY_URL_PREFIX. See Configuration for more information.
AJAX requests do not seem to work properly
It’s likely you have not correctly configured SENTRY_URL_PREFIX, so you’re hitting CORS issues. . See Configuration for more information.
The client reports success (200 OK) but I don’t see events
Something is misconfigured. A 200 OK from the API means “I have validated and enqueued this event”, so the first thing you should check is your workers.
Counts on events aren’t increasing
Counts are incremented in bulk asyncrhonously utilizing the buffer and queue subsystems. Check your configuration on those.

How do I

... script the Sentry installation to bootstrap things like projects and users?

Sentry is a simple Django (Python) application that runs using a utility runner. A script that creates a project and default user might look something like this:

# Bootstrap the Sentry environment
from sentry.utils.runner import configure

# Do something crazy
from sentry.models import Team, Project, ProjectKey, User, Organization

user = User()
user.username = 'admin' = 'admin@localhost'
user.is_superuser = True

organization = Organization() = 'MyOrg'
organization.owner = user

team = Team() = 'Sentry'
team.organization = organization

project = Project() = team = 'Default'
project.organization = organization

key = ProjectKey.objects.filter(project=project)[0]
print 'SENTRY_DSN = "%s"' % (key.get_dsn(),)