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Common Problems

My sentry is running at but whenever I visit it I get redirected to
You likely have not correctly configured SENTRY_URL_PREFIX. See Configuration for more information.
AJAX requests do not seem to work properly
It’s likely you have not correctly configured SENTRY_URL_PREFIX, so you’re hitting CORS issues. . See Configuration for more information.

How do I

... script the Sentry installation to bootstrap things like projects and users?

Sentry is a simple Django (Python) application that runs using a utility runner. A script that creates a project and default user might look something like this:

# Bootstrap the Sentry environment
from sentry.utils.runner import configure

# Do something crazy
from sentry.models import Team, Project, ProjectKey, User

user = User()
user.username = 'admin' = 'admin@localhost'
user.is_superuser = True

team = Team() = 'Sentry'
team.owner = user

project = Project() = team
project.owner = user = 'Default'

key = ProjectKey.objects.filter(project=project)[0]
print 'SENTRY_DSN = "%s"' % (key.get_dsn(),)

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